Sticker or Decal?

When you pick a product on Panda Stickers, you might have to choose between a sticker or a decal. So, what gives?

Just a quick aside to say that sometimes, they are used interchangeably. In fact, depending on context, they may or may not be the same. Strictly speaking, it’s fair to say that all decals are stickers, but all stickers are not decals.

Regardless, we at Panda Stickers make a very clear distinction between them so there is absolutely no confusion.

A sticker is really what you might have in mind when you hear the word sticker. They’re a classic used since forever, and like many others I had a whole collection of them when I was a kid. It requires no special care : just peel off and stick, very easy to use. Also, it is printed, therefore it can contain any colors that can be printed. It also sports the iconic white background and contour.

A decal is a special type of sticker that can be transferred to a surface. At Panda Stickers, all our decals are vinyl cut decals. In contrast to regular stickers, they have no background, which gives them a distinctive style. They are not printed: rather, they are made by cutting through a sheet of colored vinyl with a special machine. As such, they are single-colored. Because they usually have more than one piece and need to be transferred, they come with a transfer tape and require special attention when being applied to a surface. We even have a dedicated page with instructions on how to properly install decals. Basically, the application mask is adhered to the vinyl so when you peel it off, the decal comes off as well. At that point, you stick it where you want, and finally peel off the transfer mask. As you can see, it has a few more steps than sticking a regular sticker.

So, which one should I choose?

That’s really up to you. Some people prefer stickers, others decals. People who prefer stickers will tell you that they are much easier to stick and that they look fantastic. People who prefer decals swear by their sleek look and the fact they have no background. As always, the true answer probably lies in-between!